Skyline GTR Worklog

Here is the worklog of my '91 Nissan Skyline GTR (BNR32).


Full service on the head with all valves cleaned and reseated and some minor porting & polishing.
HKS Intake & Exhaust Cam Gears
Custom-made oil-catch can
Cometic Metal Headgasket

CP Forged Pistons (+20 thou oversized)
Eagle Forged Conrods with ARP2000 Bolts
New R33/R34 Crankshaft (long nose)
ARP Main and Head Studs
ACL Racing Main and Conrod bearings
ROSS Tuffbond Harmonic Balancer
N1 Oil Pump (and Tomei head oil restrictor)
N1 Water Pump
Tomei Oil Sump Baffle Plate

Trust heavy duty timing belt with new OEM ancilliary belts
Full Silicon Heater Hose replacement set
New OEM Idler and Tensioner Pulleys

2x Garrett GT2860R-5 Turbochargers (rated to ~360hp each)
HKS mushroom-pod air intakes
Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifolds
Custom-made, HPC coated dump & front pipes
5" high-flow cat.

Wolf V500 Engine and Fuel Management (fully tuneable ECU, with 2-step anti-lag/launch control)
Bosch 040 In-tank Fuel Pump
SARD 800cc Injectors

ASI Performance 52mm Dual-Core Radiator
Replacement Silicon Radiator Pipes.
Replacement Silicon Heater Pipes.


Major Porting & Flowing Head Work.
Tomei Steel Valves, Valve Springs and Retainers
Replacement Aftermarket Cams (still deciding)
Replacement Cat-Back Exhaust (still deciding)
HDi 92mm thick Front Mount Intercooler and Piping

Uprated Double or Triple Plate Clutch

Adjustable coil-overs or shock/spring setup (still deciding)
Replacement of generally all handling parts and bushes

18" Forged Rims (probably ROTA GTR's)
Big Brake Kit (still deciding)


PPG Dogbox (1-4 straight cut, 5th hellical cut)



n1215709093 30275595 5767 Skyline GTR Worklog


n1215709093 30285765 7858 Skyline GTR Worklog


n1215709093 30305350 6130 Skyline GTR Worklog


n1215709093 30305351 6837 Skyline GTR Worklog


n1215709093 30305352 7530 Skyline GTR Worklog


n1215709093 30312954 3138 Skyline GTR Worklog


n1215709093 30312955 3470 Skyline GTR Worklog


n1215709093 30312957 4141 Skyline GTR Worklog


n1215709093 30312969 5618 Skyline GTR Worklog


n1215709093 30314596 6491 Skyline GTR Worklog

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